Frequently Asked Questions

Tastings & Flavours

How far in advance should I schedule my tasting?

All of our cakes are baked to order, so we require a minimum of three days notice for all tasting appointments.

Can I taste more than two flavours?

We have to limit your selection to two flavours. Tasting two flavours will give you a good idea of the quality of our product.

If you still desire more than two flavours, we will happily bake them for you at a charge of £10 per additional cake flavour.

Who should I bring to my tasting?

We recommend that you bring no more than three people to attend your tasting. Too many opinions can be overwhelming and distracting, and it can make your decision more challenging.

Do you offer any cakes for those with special dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any sugar-free, gluten-free or eggless cakes. We strongly believe in using the highest quality ingredients available, which include real eggs, real butter and real sugar. We apologise that we cannot accommodate everyone’s dietary needs.


Can I bring a picture of a cake I like?

We will gladly use your picture as inspiration for the basic design.

For wedding cakes, we encourage you to bring pictures of cakes that have caught your eye to give us an idea of what appeals to you. We use this information in conjunction with other elements of your bridal package to create a personalised cake that compliments the details of your wedding and personal aesthetic.

Can you place plastic or non-edible elements on top of my cake?

Many cake suppliers make plastic and resin pieces designed to be used on cakes. However, we don’t believe in using these non-edible decorations.

We work with all our ingredients and want you to be able to eat 100% of your cake.


How do I go about placing a cake order?

The best way to place a cake order is to give us a call or arrange by email an appointment to come in and speak with a designer.

Keep in mind that we need at least three days notice.

What else do I need to know

To place an order, we will need a 50% deposit on the cake. Some dated book up months in advance, so it is always advisable to book as far in advance as possible. However, make sure that the cake is a commitment you are willing to make, because there is a cancellation  fee that is 20% of the cake cost.

How do you deliver your cakes?

We assemble all of our large cakes at the party or reception site. Too many things can go wrong during transportation, which is why we don’t take the risk.

Delivery costs vary with distance.

Do you ever rent out cake stands?

If you are interested in renting out cake stands or knives, please let us know and we would be happy to show you what we have available.

The rental for a cake stand is £10, and we require a £50 security deposit that will be returned to you when you return the stand to us. A return date will be established upon rental, and there is a late fee of £5 per day.


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